Zippo Share The Pain

Challenge: Zippo wanted an idea for a global digital-centric campaign to promote their brand. The idea had to travel across continents and be relevant to a host of different audiences around the world.

Creative: Zippo is a much-loved brand, and we tapped into the emotion behind Zippo ownership by identifying a real truth. By monitoring social media, we discovered that people have a strong emotional bond with their Zippos, and when they lose them, it hurts. Share The Pain is a way for the brand to empathise, but in a fun way. People were encouraged to share their stories of lost Zippos, and we created a character, Jax McFlame, who send personalised video messages out to lost Zippo sufferers.

We created over 50 personalised response films from our character Jax McFlame, as he spread his “Share the Pain” message across twitter in a 3 day ‘live’ campaign. This example shows his message to London which was struggling to deal with a 48hr tube strike.

We also created the global campaign hub site – localised for 9 different markets.