We launched the new website for the Wireless Power Consortium – WPC.

WPC is leading the charge for wireless charging technology adoption. With membership of more than 200 industry leaders, WPC is well placed operationally to achieve its ultimate goal of establishing an evolutionary, future-proof standard. The greatest challenge is ensuring that WPC’s and Qi’s industry leadership is clear amongst the breadth of relevant audiences – from businesses to early adopter consumers – providing clarity in a sector with some ambiguity that has been driven by single-interest powerhouses.

While public-facing, the previous wirelesspowerconsortium.com site’s functionality and architecture was designed primarily for WPC members. It didn’t not showcase the consortium’s leadership, nor did it do justice to the WPC’s goals, successes and technology benefits. By redesigning the website, the WPC takes a clear leadership role in the sector across all core audiences – members, infrastructure partners and tech-savvy early adopter consumers.