Everything we do is powered by technology

Our team of developers work with many languages, frameworks and platforms everyday using agnostic test-driven development.


We’ll produce a couple of documents with you at the start of the project that outline the requirements. These outline the high-level goal of the project, down to the detail. The Functional Requirements document describes what your project needs to do, and the Non-Functional Requirements describes how it’s going to do it – such as what software and hardware it’ll use.

Test-driven development and continuous integration

Where possible, we’ll develop with a focus on testing, only writing code that we know we can test. Continuous integration checks that developers are accurate and that human error can’t slip through easily.

Continuous improvement

We don’t stop learning. Our team frequently go to talks, and even run their own talks, to immerse themselves in the wider community, always looking to make things better. The web is always evolving and we always try to keep on top of it.

What we do



There’s a lot of technology out there that you can use out of the box. But when you need something that hasn’t been done before, that’s where our platform development comes in. We’ve built custom platforms for a range of clients, where an existing platform just doesn’t cut the mustard.


We’ve built apps for everything from iPhone to Facebook. Working with your brief, we can help you work out where your app should live, how people should interact with it and how to get it out there


We also create web, mobile and socially-integrated games – from Facebook campaigns to investor relations visualisers.