Leadership Team

The three men and a lady who steer the ship.

  • Keith Martin
    Managing Director, US
  • Thomas Edwards
    Executive Director
  • Tom Aston
    Executive Director

Project Management Team

Don’t let the suits(?!) fool you – they are all geeks at heart. We cut down on project time by employing project managers and account handlers who actually know their LAMP stacks from their Node.js.

  • Alice Carroll
    Director, Digital Operations, US
  • Nick Murray
    Senior Digital Project Manager
  • Hannah Oliver
    Senior Digital Project Manager
  • Kerry Prager
    Production Manager
  • Jack O’Connell
  • Graham Beedie
    Digital Director
  • Alison McElwee
    Digital Project Manager

Development Team

Our largest team in the business. We do all of our code in-house, and welcome our clients to spend time in our offices, where they can sit down with their coders and go through their project in detail.

  • Thomas Edwards
    Executive Director
  • Anthony Roberts
    Front-end Developer
  • Gareth Bishop
  • Tom Aston
    Executive Director
  • Stef Horner
    Senior Developer
  • Fabrizio Nasi
    Front-end Developer
  • Quetzy Garcia
  • Jonny Levy
    Director, App Development
  • Ross Bennett
    Senior Front-End Developer
  • Raya Desawade

Motion Team

Our motion team makes things move. In 2D, 3D and everything in-between.

  • Nick Alden
  • Robert Ludgate

Design & UX Team

Our designers and UX experts are pixel-perfect.

  • Phil Winfield
    Design Director, US
  • Louise Pugh
    Senior Digital Designer
  • Hannalot Van Bruggen
    Digital Designer
  • Chris Myhill
    Senior UX Architect
  • Emily K. Anderson
    Interactive Designer
  • Peter An
    Interactive Designer